Management Consulting

Eliteaurora Consulting offers global management consulting services to help small and medium-sized companies succeed in foreign markets

Financial Advisory

We help in Nurturing, growing and sustaining a business in today’s volatile economic environment in this Competitive pressures

Manpower Consulting

We are a leading specialist with years of experience in the industry and our customers trust us for getting the job done, the right way in organization


Managing SAP initiatives on a large scale basis requires extensive business process knowledge, in-depth integrated & innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations. Orane can help you address the complete, end-to-end application life cycle from the up-front design, build and implementation of applications through ongoing management and application evolution that is closely aligned with your business objectives.

Implementation Portfolio

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – Effectively manage financials, accounting, human resources, operations and corporate services.

Customer relationship management (CRM) – Effectively manage all aspects of your customer relationships –from marketing, to sales, to service.

Supplier relationship management (SRM) – Optimize procurement and sourcing processes.

Business intelligence and Analytics (BI) – Gain insight and improve decision making with tools for financial and operational reporting and analysis.

B2B Dealer and Supplier Portal – Make your Business Efficient and increase your sales by providing your vendors and dealers a unified portal to enhance the value chain operations.


Virtual Classes : Virtual SAP Training Classes with DataSense Solutions are the perfect option for those students who are taking virtual classes, but would still prefer the structured feel of a public classroom. With DataSense Solutions hosted virtual classes, students can enjoy the worry-free environment of having a system provided for them with no incompatibilities and the added bonus of a certified SAP consultant on hand for assistance.

Corporate Training Classes : Empower your SAP end users, from developers to marketers – with our suite of SAP training courses and certification programs. Bilingual training is provided in both English and Russian language. Create a comprehensive training plan, choose from live – and ultimately boost technology proficiency across your organisation.